Hotel Price Comparison (HoPriCo)


If competitor observation is part of your daily business and you are looking for transparency BenchView’s Hotel Price Comparison (HoPriCo) is the right tool for you.

HoPriCo is a modul of the web-based application BenchView developed and distributed by Hengefeld Solutions GmbH.

BenchView enables price monitoring by identifying and validating the positioning of a respective hotel, tour operator or supplier in price orientated result lists of distribution applications and deviates recommendations for optimizing margin.

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How can I benefit from HoPriCo?

HoPriCo puts an end to the one by one price checks in distribution applications. HoPriCo is designed to consolidate the information that you need in order to analyse your competitive position in the German speaking tour operator, OTA and travel agency market.

If I want to look at my competitors or if I want more information about my positioning what do I have to do?

HoPriCo allows the build of a wide range of reports tailor-made according to your requirements. Once your needs are defined we will provide you with an individual offer.

Is there a limit to the number of hotels per report?

No, you can add as many hotels as you require. If the number is above 10 hotels we recommend to license full access to the system.

Where does HoPriCo get the offers from?

The information is sourced from the central data cache of TravelTainment, the German market leader for travel agent price comparison tools and internet booking engines. HoPriCo offers more than 200 tour operator and aggregator providing up to 170.000 properties with several billion offers on a daily basis.

How do I see trends?

HoPriCo includes percentage changes versus previous reports. So you can see if your competitor is increasing or decreasing rates.

How do I get my free trial period?

You just need to send an email to info(at)

How much are the costs for me?

The standard version of the report starts at € 50 per month. You may choose between three models according to your requirements. Subsequent models allow a higher degree of flexibility and research. Alternatively you may enjoy full access to the web based application and even create your own reports or you get tailor-made reports for your individual needs. Please contact us for further details.


What do I get for this fee?

Reports will be mailed to you on a regular basis in either Excel or CSV. Your exact requirements will be defined at the time when the licence starts. The minimum license time is 12 months.