BenchView supports the product and revenue management of touristic service providers, especially tour operators, hotels and airlines.

The application provides exemplary answers to questions such as

Which tour operator sells my hotel at which price?

Why are hotels in my destination hard to sell?

How often does my product appear at the top of the results list?

Which tour operator is the price leader in my destination?




The BenchView allows you to keep track of the volatile tourism business. The application provides management and product managers with consolidated information, transparency and recommendations.

We make your position transparent and provide a quick overview of the greatest challenges associated with the opportunity to derive concrete recommendations for action.




In the German-speaking market, touristic service providers face intense competition. Tour operators use electronic distribution systems that make their products available to interested parties on an almost daily basis and at the same time offer customers a high degree of transparency. The purchase decision is determined by the position of the product in the price-sorted result lists of the sales applications. Being on the first page of results is an elementary prerequisite for successful selling.

On the other hand there is always the risk of placing offers on the market too cheaply and thus of not taking advantage of opportunities to achieve a better margin.

Our BenchView application enables to observe the competition and determine the relative positioning of a touristic service provider in the result lists of the tourist distribution platforms, which are sorted according to the criterion of price. The system provides recommendations for optimizing sales and margins.

The connected source systems allow a comprehensive view of the products package, hotel and flight.

Our team will support you competently in configuration, application and interpretation.




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