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Hengefeld Solutions GmbH has gathered extensive experience in the electronic sale of touristic products, from both points of view, of the supplier and the technical service provider.

The team of Hengefeld Solutions brings tourism and IT together: through training, courses and individual project management of data integration.

The team of Hengefeld Solutions supports this expertise through well-founded analyses, consultations and the development of individual solutions.

We open the door to modern sales platforms, to higher data quality and the optimisation of existing approaches.

We connect your opportunities to our knowledge and skills.

Rudolf Hengefeld


Rudolf Hengefeld has worked for more than 20 years in leading positions in various touristic companies, most recently as Vice President of Operations with the German market leader in touristic sales platforms. His many years of experience form the basis for his unique seminar and consultancy concept.

In his most recent function as Vice President of Operations he was responsible for the integration of virtual tour operators, among other things. As a consultant, his knowledge of the particular challenges of dynamic packaging is now available to companies which are standing at the threshold of dynamisation and require professional assistance in project implementation. As a lecturer at various colleges, he provides IT knowledge to students of tourism, and also opens the door between tourism and IT.


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