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We bring IT experts closer to the world of tourism


The principles of tourism are not self-explanatory. Industry-specific expertise makes communication easier and supports the course of a project only when IT administration, application development and application integration are deeply involved in the touristic value-added chain with all of their special features.

Only those who have understood the complexity of a subject in its entirety can ask the right questions. Otherwise there is a risk that the efficiency and effectiveness of operative activities or of the development projects may suffer.


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We open the door between experts in tourism and IT, and provide a common language. This is the foundation for optimum results.


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We bring the travel industry closer to IT


For years, IT has been the greatest driver of touristic innovation. And it is not only milestones such as dynamic packaging that have changed the entire industry and continually face service providers and sales systems with completely new challenges.

Today, anyone in the tourism industry, from hotel managers through tour operators to the product manager of a travel portal, finds it difficult to ideally position his products and services if knowledge of IT dependencies and contexts is missing.

In both cases, “speaking the same language” ensures successful collaboration. This allows mutual understanding, even under the time pressures of day-to-day business, simplifies the imparting of ideas and accelerates development processes. A project runs most successfully when all of those involved are moving in the same direction and have a shared vision of the big picture. Our seminars prepare you for this challenge. We are happy to help you work out a tailor-made training program for your employees.



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