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The Challenge


Suppliers of tourist services are faced with the challenge of integrating their products in various sales platforms in order to position themselves successfully within the competition of several comparison systems. The operation of various data formats and travel comparison systems makes the route to the customer even more complex.

Many interfaces have to be taken into account or even built from scratch: touristic offers are converted into data and stored in offer databases via various interfaces. Supplying these offer databases with a vast amount of high-quality data is a significant challenge for successful electronic sales.

‘High quality’ means that the data represents complete, accurately priced and available touristic offers. Because only delivering high quality data will persuade sales platforms to recognise it as attractive content.

Every single production and every individual transfer of electronic information via interfaces involves opportunities as well as risks. Our challenge is to recognise and use the opportunities as well as to minimise the risks.


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We support you in the integration of your offering data in sales platforms using comprehensive analysis and consulting, professional project management and specialist programming. We help you to expand your share of electronic trade!

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With comprehensive knowledge of the operative business processes of tourism, we develop precisely-tailored solutions for your company. In this, we identify requirements from both points of view, of the supplier as well as of the technical service provider. Using agile methods we flexibly adapt to changing basic conditions during implementation.


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  • if you want to see your products being represented completely, accurately priced and available in sales applications.
  • if you also want to be sure that your products reach your customers.
  • if you want to use the opportunities resulting from new data formats such as OTDS.
  • if you, as a new or established market participant, want to deliver new electronic sales platforms.
  • if you are looking for solutions individually tailored to your needs and requirements.
  • if you want to entrust a professional project management team.



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