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The value-added chain


From the service provider, through the producer, up to sales: all sections in the touristic value-added chain are subject to significant structural changes due to IT. From accommodation, through the tour operator, up to the travel agency or online portal, all of those involved sooner or later have to take a good look at new data production opportunities.

This change has been imposed by the exponential growth in the storage and processing facilities of today’s servers and database systems.

Innovative production platforms allow access to products and offers at a transparency and speed that was previously unknown – both in the production of data and in distribution to the end customer.

Our expertise


In recent years, the team of Hengefeld Solutions has gained extensive experience in all relevant interfaces between IT and tourism.

Our expertise is particularly deep and comprehensive in the following fields:

  • Dynamic packaging
  • Connectivity to sales applications
  • Ensuring of product range, quality and variety


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